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Pearl Lingerie

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So you’ve tried the Brazilian bikini wax .

Now what? Newly spotted:  the latest fetish of the otherwise demure. The new twist on the thong incorporates  Pearls into its design and—for reasons we dare not speak—is the latest item flying off the shelves at upscale lingerie shops like Pearl Thong Store. 

Why? Explains one wearer who was willing to elaborate on the garment’s appeal, “It’s the wildest thing. I wore it out one night to dinner in SoHo…and all I could do was writhe in my seat.”  

And you thought diamonds were a girl’s best friend!


Pearl Thongs, Y’all


 While I was waiting for my appointment today, I stepped into PearlThongStore, the chic lingerie store next door to my salon. I’ve shopped at PearlThongStore in the past; ‘tis a strange and wondrous place. Classy, too.

As most women out there probably know, going into a lingerie shop is an unpleasant experience 85% of the time. This is because 85% of lingerie shops are unpleasant. Either they’re considered “novelty” stores, which means you have to wade through wiggly blue dildos and plastic nurse’s uniforms to find one article of underwear that even vaguely possesses genuine sex appeal, or they’re Victoria’s Secret. And there’s nothing good about Victoria’s Secret, ladies, not really.

As my younger sister so perfectly summed up, “It smells like a baby prostitute in there.” But PearlThongStore is a tasteful, lovely place full of tasteful, lovely things to wear underneath clothes—or as clothes, if you’re that kind of girl. Indeed, sometimes I am that kind of girl. 

I am also the kind of girl who didn’t think she was so out of the loop when it came to beautiful lingerie. I have known some nice stuff intimately, har har. But today at this lingerie shop, I got an education.

Here are two things that exist: 1. Thong panties where a strand of pearls is the thong part.2. Bras with 1/4 cups.  The first item most folks should be able to picture. I have to say, that was one intensely sexy pair of panties.

Hours later, I remain entranced. But it the second item actually elicited an audible, “Holy sh-t,” from me when I saw it. I picked up this luscious, deep chocolate-colored bra with a sheer lace overlay and caramel satin accents.

I noticed the bra because it was so beautiful and also because the bra’s cups were different from any other bra I had seen before. They were D cup in circumference, but there was only about a quarter of the cup there at all. Okay: Picture a bra.

Now picture the two boob parts (the cups) with most of the material that usually covers the boobs gone—picture the underwire with just a sliver of material coming up to barely cup the breast and then stopping.  Am I the last to know about this?

I was shocked and not at all appalled, so I tried it on. The effect was…memorable.

When I go shopping for lingerie to wear under my wedding dress, I’ll pay PearlThongStore another visit. There is a world of exquisite French lingerie out there, a world where lace and gauze and straps make a woman feel at once contained and not contained at all.  

Pearl thongs, y’all !



Pearls Gone Wild.



Pearls have always held an almost mystical place in the history of jewelry.

As early as the 4th century B.C., pearls were already being used by royalty not only to enhance personal beauty, but also to denote their high status. Today, pearls are among the most popular items in the worlds of fashion and jewelry because they are timeless in their elegance and simplicity. But that isn't to say they're boring! Oh no.

The beauty of pearls is that they are suitable for just about anybody, whether they be naughty or nice. Pearls have been the favorite of many well-known personalities, both to give and to receive. For instance, it's a well-known fact that Monaco's Prince Rainier gifted his bride Grace Kelly with a Van Arpel set of pearl and diamond earrings, necklace and bracelet at their wedding, while Jackie Kennedy received a pearl necklace, a pearl and diamond bracelet, and other jewelry that were given to her as gifts for her wedding to John F. Kennedy. And cinematic siren Marilyn Monroe is said to have treasured a pearl necklace given to her by her husband, Joe DiMaggio, while they were honeymooning in Japan. Examples of pearls gone wild exist in the celebrity world too.

Actress Mischa Barton of "The O.C." has been photographed wearing strands upon strands of differently-sized pearls, making her look eccentric but more eye-catching than ever. Halle Berry wore a lariat necklace with Autore South Sea pearls nestling tantalizingly on her nearly bare chest during the 2003 premiere of her movie "Gothika."

And viewers of the HBO comedy "Sex and the City" will remember the expression on sex-loving Samantha's face as she walked up several flights of stairs when she was wearing a pearl thong -- an unusual example of the combination of jewelry and lingerie. 

That episode of "Sex and the City" caused a sharp increase in the sales of pearl thongs. And buyers have nothing but rave reviews about it. They say that walking or moving with a string of pearls between the legs is something that has to be experienced to be believed. There are numerous other examples of the use of pearls to enhance sex appeal or sexual experience -- or both.

A belly chain of freshwater pearls is sure to turn heads at the beach, as would mother-of-pearl toe rings. For those who love body jewelry, there's a wide selection of belly rings, pierced and non-pierced nipple rings with pearl dangles. And for perhaps the ultimate example of pearls gone wild, think genital jewelry and sex toys.

Whether they use faux pearls or real ones, these products have a loyal following among lovers of erotica. Pearl jewelry is suitable for day and nighttime use, to send a statement of class and elegance. But remember that underneath the serene surface lies a naughty element and that you can use pearl jewelry to show your wild side. 


Lust Or Bust?
One eager libido. Five risky sexcapades. Our fearless reporter determines which deserve a spot on your hot list
by Leslie Goldman


Scenario #3 Put Tantra to the test

I prepared for our Tantric tête-à-tête by reading The Essence of Tantric Sexuality . Authors Patricia Johnson and Mark A. Michaels liken the typical orgasm to a "genital sneeze." But there has to be more to great sex than "God bless you!" and a Kleenex.

With my vagina (or "yoni") ready for enlightenment, I read aloud to Dan about "an altered state of consciousness," one achieved by prolonging the excitement phase of sex, leading to a strong orgasm with or without ejaculation.

In bed, we assumed Tantra's classic female-superior "Yab Yum" position (seated with legs wrapped around each other). seemed distracted, but I assumed he was concentrating on flowing energy from his "lingam" into my yoni. We rocked back and forth. We breathed deeply. We spoke with our eyes. His cried, "I've had chronic back pain for 3 years -- this is killing me!" And with that, he literally tossed me aside like a rag doll so he could execute a full-body stretch.

 Lust or bust? A few nights later, we found ourselves Yab Yumming again (this time with a pillow behind Dan for lumbar support). And while we didn't have 6-hour sex, our foray left our "genital noses" itching, so we ended with a good old Western ahchoo.

Scenario #4 Surprise mortgage broker hubby at his office dressed in just a trench coat and heels

This might work in balmy San Diego. But I live in Chicago, and the day I prepared to strip down to my birthday suit and slip into an unlined khaki trench, the newspaper headlines read, "Cold Delays Flights, Cracks Water Pipes." Holy crap! If the minus-20-degree windchill could reroute 747s and make metal pipes burst, what would it do to my sensitive little flower?

Putting on a brave face, I undressed, goose bumps dotting my arms and legs even inside our 72-degree condo. Outside, as the wind whipped furiously, I heard a soft whimpering sound and realized it was my poor Brazilian-coiffed yoni crying for a reprieve. "It's okay," I whispered, turning back toward the door. "We'll try again in the summer." Because when your clitoris gets frostbite, the terrorists win.

Lust or bust? I can't wait to try again during the next heat wave. Weather permitting, I'd probably give it

Scenario #5 Wear a pearl thong for a day

The last time a semiprecious stone came this close to my nethers, it was on a hand holding a speculum. Yet I was oddly excited when I opened my Pearl Thong Store Purchase. I ran my fingers along the smooth, pinkish white strand attached to a black stretch lace waistband, wondering how something that looked so nice around a neck could be so naughty -- not to mention tacky -- down below.

As I pulled it on the next morning, here's how I envisioned my day:

Walking to the bus: Orgasm #1

Crossing my legs at my desk: Orgasm #2

Afternoon Starbucks break: Orgasm #3 (Grande)

Thirty minutes on the elliptical: Priceless

In reality, my day was completely normal. The strand was mostly unnoticeable and only occasionally rubbed me the wrong way. I tried tugging on it when nobody was looking but felt pervy.

Then At my gym that evening, a stability ball led to unexpected pleasures. One crunch, two crunch, three crunch, whoa! There I was, climaxing in the stretching area next to an old man doing biceps curls. More crunches yielded still more bouncing bliss.

Lust or bust? Sure it took all day, but it was totally worth the wait. And even though my man didn't benefit from this scenario directly, I'm going to be greedy and give it...


 Make the Most of Your Time Together With Erotic Lingerie

Article By  Amanda Cotterill, she has been involved in the erotic lingerie sector for many years. uk market for many years. This article outlines the benefits of women wearing sexy lingerie as if that needed much explaining!

 Buy Now!  at PearlThongStore

Wearing erotic, naughty lingerie can turn a normal evening into a memorable and exciting night. There are many options for you. From sexy tight leather to anything that your fantasies may entail, wearing erotic naughty lingerie is a fun open up new doors and free you from your sense of self. It can also bring a feeling of newness between the sheets.

Whether it's to brighten a dulling relationship or enhance your lives, go into this new experience with an open mind and an adventurous attitude.

Don't be afraid. When you reach the point where you're ready to put on some leather lingerie, wield a whip, and get downright erotic, leave your inhibitions at the door. Allowing yourself to be nervous or anxious about your decision will only make you feel self-conscious, and you are more likely to put up emotional and physical barriers. 

Trust yourself, trust your partner, and plan to have fun. Be adventurous. When you have the perfect erotic naughty lingerie ensemble and your partner is someone you can trust, it's time to open up and have fun. Let yourself go and be willing to try something different. If you're both open to suggestions, there's no telling where the evening might go.

Role play. Erotic naughty lingerie is ideal for creating a persona or scenario other than those that appear in your customary horizontal mambo. Although you might feel apprehensive at first, especially if this is your first time role-playing, it can be extremely rewarding when both partners enter into the spirit of things full-force and with gusto.

Accessorize. Although your tight leather bustier is a great first step in bedroom play, it's the accessories that really make the outfit. Complement a dark, gothic look with a riding crop and top hat. Pair your erotic garter belt with stiletto heels and heavy makeup. If you keep these kinds of toys and props nearby, you'll be able to incorporate them into your role playing as the need or desire arises.

Mix it up. There is no rule that says you can't reuse your lingerie once it's already been worn, but variety is still the spice of life. Keep things new and innovative with your partner by having several different types and styles of erotic naughty lingerie on hand. This way, you can either put on a lingerie fashion show or simply wear a new outfit every night of the week.

There are so many varieties of sexy lingerie that you are only limited by your taste and style. The best place to try out anything new with your partner is the bedroom. Here, only your inhibitions create your limits. Erotic naughty lingerie can embrace your personality, too. Be willing to try out that tight leather piece (or anything else you feel sexy in) and you and your partner will be thankful in the end.

Sexy lingerie is great for everyone whatever your shape or size, there are so many different types of lingerie items you will find one to suit you. 



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